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Burning the Future: Coal in AmericaBurning the Future: Coal in America
examines the explosive forces that have set in motion a groundswell of conflict between the coal industry and residents of West Virginia. Faced with toxic ground water, the obliteration of 1.4 million acres of mountains, and a government that appeases industry, the heroes launch a valiant fight to arouse the nation's help in protecting their mountains, saving their families, and preserving their way of life.

THIS DVD FEATURES EXCLUSIVE SHORT FILMS that inform and inspire, with thought-provoking interviews with The Civil Society Institute, The Sierra Club, Physicians for Social Responsibility and The Energy Foundation, plus voices from the film and elsewhere.

Coal & Energy - provides a look into the role coal has played and continues to play in the US energy economy. This special feature is €Coal 101,€ with a glimpse into the influence the coal and utility industries have always had on public policy.

Coal & Climate Change - is a brief tutorial on CO2 emissions and the prominent role that coal plays in Climate Change. Coal is the number one contributor of greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States, and yet the nation has recently proposed 150 new plants in the name of €clean coal.€ How might this undermine efforts to curb emissions? Is coal clean? Watch this special feature.

Pollution and Public Health  - cuts right to the facts, illustrating how coal-fired power contributes to toxic water, particulates in the air, smog, mercury; many kinds of pollution that directly affect the health of millions of Americans everyday.

Democracy and Action - illustrates how social movements from the grassroots are the historic foundations of change in America. This special feature shows examples of ordinary people engaging in our Democracy, pushing the envelope for change, and asking the viewer to join them and step into action.

Also Included: COAL IMPACT GUIDE - a groundbreaking DVD-ROM portion of the disk. Load it into your computer and DIG even DEEPER. Learn more about mountaintop removal, coal-fired power plants, the power-politics of coal and utility companies, the science of climate change and health effects from coal in YOUR AREA. The IMPACT GUIDE has dozens of links to help you access government sites, advocacy organizations, news articles and research. Find tools to take DIRECT ACTION in your homes and communities, joining the characters of Burning the Future: Coal in America to carve out a cleaner future. What will your IMPACT be?

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